My name is Benjamin Collins or better known on the internet as Kion. I got involved with game modding when I translated the story of PSO2 while going to college and started the website ArksLayer.com (which I then passed on to Aida). After getting involved with translation and getting a glimpse of how games were structured, and turned my attention towards the structure of 3d assets.

To try and learn the fundamental concepts of how 3d assets are stored and then rendered to the screen, I’ve been focusing on the Sony Playstation for the last three years, to write tools and programs to display 3d assets from the game Megaman Legends, a full list of tools can be found here.

DashGL was created to take what I’ve learned from analyzing 3d file formats and implement those concepts in GNU Linux with permissive licenses. This is done first with tutorials, which focus on using C and OpenGL to try and provide practical examples for getting started with graphics programming with open source libraries. And then out of necessity I have also created the Dash Model Format, which is a simple-as-possible interchange 3d format.