DashGL started a project to read and export 3d files from early 3d generation games, as a way to try and understand the fundamental concepts of how 3d works in computer graphics.

As as extention of that came two other components that became part of the scope of the project. The first of these is Tutorials for how to write accelerated hardward graphics in C on the Raspberry Pi for Linux. The reason being is to try and use the graphics API's directly to see how 3d is rendered in an engine.

The next component is the model format which arose for the lack of an interchangable format between different application. While GLTF has made a lot of improvements on that front, the model format still exists to provide a simple-as-possible-model format for working in other languages and to provide a reference implementation for various plugins.


I should also provide a full list of social accounts that are used for dashgl.

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  • Github
  • Gitlab
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Minds
  • Mastodon
  • liberapay
  • Patreon
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Quick note about license policy for the tutorials and assets used here.

  • Tutorials are released under the Unlicense - effectively public domain
  • Libraries are released under the MIT license - permissive license, include header
  • Assets are released under creative commons no attribute required
  • Tools are released under GPLv3 - free to clone, use and update